With a free application like Look@LAN you can monitor your network. Download Look@LAN and get reports, graphics and statistics of your network in real time

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Do you want to monitor your network with an easy-to-use application? The answer is Look@LAN, a free application that stands out due to its incredible features and intuitive interface.

  Look@LAN is a network scanner that monitors your network within a certain range of IP addresses, specified by the user. As a result, it offers a complete report with useful details like the host name, operating system, active services, NetBiosuser, NetBiosname, traceroute, ping results, SNMP, etc.

  The main features of Look@LAN are:
- Monitoring of the network, with a subsequent report.
- Notification of any change to the nodes.
- Real-time response.
- Possibility to use it on any node of the network.
- Auto-detection of the network's configuration options.
- View graphical statistics.
- Export the information to different formats: XML, HTML, Excel, Word,...
- User-friendly interface.

  Install Look@LAN and obtain all the information about your network with a single click.
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