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Experience an exciting virtual romance in Lovelink, a dating application simulation game for Android where you can flirt with lots of sexy singles

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Flirting apps and romantic games are becoming more and more popular. This game, developed by the Ludia studio, has combined these two genres to offer us a curious dating game where we can flirt with lots of beautiful users and have exciting dates.

Meet your soul mate just by sliding your finger!

Flirt with hundreds of characters in the virtual world

Lovelink is a fantastic role-playing game that starts with a creative idea. And it uses dating apps' interface to offer us an original game.

To play, all we have to do is slide the profiles of the users until we find someone we like. As usual, to the left to discard, and to the right to flirt. As soon as we like someone, we get the classic "It's a match!" message and we can start a conversation with the other person.

Get yourself into a whole new dating narrative experience.

In this phase of the game, we will be able to chat with several users at the same time. Every time the other person texts us, we can choose our answer (although in many cases, there will only be one possible answer). Also, they will be sending us photos. A great feature of this app is that the characters will be temporarily disconnected, and we will be notified when they answer, just like in real life.

As we chat, both the other user and ourselves will be able to react to the messages. So, as we get to know the other person, the love meter at the top of the screen will fill up. When it is full, we can have a romantic date with our partner to see if the relationship flows in person as well.

Downloading the APK file will not only give you access to the game but also to over 60 characters with very varied profiles. And, who knows, maybe, you will find a virtual love on the other side of the screen.

Requirements and additional information:
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
Ludia Inc.
Over a year ago
More than a year ago
68 MB

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