Lovely Pond 3D Screensaver


Lovely Pond 3D Screensaver is a screensaver that will help you to relax by showing you lakes and Zen parks. Download Lovely Pond 3D Screensaver on your PC

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If we spend many house working in front of our computer, we can end up somewhat stressed, making it ideal to have some peace and quite every now and again.

  Lovely Pond 3D Screensaver is a screensaver that is capable of transporting us to three different locations, three 3D sceneries that represent various locations, where we will see plants, lakes, ponds and even Zen gardens.

  What's more, the screensaver includes music to perfectly accompany the images that we are viewing, thus managing a high degree of relaxation and harmony, due to the fact that its tempo is relaxed and it has no strident instruments.

  Moreover, it is possible to configure any of the application's parameters (playback speed, music volume, view the date and time,...) from the control panel that it includes.

  Enjoy a moment of peace in front of you PC screen thanks to Lovely Pond 3D Screensaver.
Requirements and additional information:
This is a limited version.
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