How to update Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher offers us the possibility to update automatically. In fact, this function is enabled by default, so each time there’s a new version of this tool, it will ask us if we want to download it. However, we can disable this automatic update if we want. For such purpose, we have to drop down the Settings menu available from the upper right hand side of the interface. Once we’ve accessed the latter, we have to look for the option Disable Auto-update and check the box available for such purpose.

Another function that can be updated automatically is that of the customized patches that can also be cancelled from the application’s Settings menu.

Anyhow, in the case of canceling the automatic updates there are two ways of knowing if there’s a new version. The easiest way is from the application itself as we only have to go back to the Settings menu and tap on the Update button to force the latter. The app will take care if checking whether we’ve got the latest version or if it has to download a new one. The other method involves visiting Lucky Patcher’s datasheet on Malavida and checking yourself if there’s a newer version.

In any case, we recommend you to keep the automatic updates enabled so you can forget about having to check them manually although it’s true that we’ll be forcing the app to connect to its servers each time we open the application. The main advantage is that we won’t have to remember to do so and we’ll have available the latest changes and new features implemented by the application’s developers.