Some of Lucky Patcher's main functions require root permission to be run. For instance, although we can extract the APK installation file from an application, we cannot remove system built-in applications unless we have root access. And so on with other advanced functions.

Although Lucky Patcher is perfectly functional without root, you can obviously make more out of the app it if your device is rooted, which is always a bit risky. In this article, we show the whole procedure to use Lucky Patcher with root.

How to start using Lucky Patcher on a rooted device

First, you must root your device. The steps to be taken may vary depending on your device. Therefore, we recommend you to find out your exact phone model and look for the procedure in reputable development-oriented communities. We recommend applying root to your device only if you have the proper knowledge. Otherwise, your device could stop working.

Next, you must install a permissions manager. One of the most recommended and active permission managers is Magisk Manager. You can download it directly from this page and install it as usual, just like any other application.

From now on, you can use Lucky Patcher with all its functions available. You can access them by selecting an application from the list and opening Menu of Patches.

Open the menu of patchesOpen the menu of patches

In the next menu, different modifications are shown. For example, you can apply a specific patch by tapping on Multi-patch.

Apply a specific patchApply a specific patch

Use Remove License Verification to remove the license check.

Remove the licenseRemove the license

You can remove the ads with Remove Google Ads.

Remove adsRemove ads

Finally, you can emulate the integrated purchases of any application with the Support patch for inApp and LVL emulation option.

Remove in-app purchasesRemove in-app purchases

It is important to note that, thanks to the root access, all these actions are applied directly to the application, without the need to install it again. However, if you do not have superuser privileges, you can create a modified APK and install it to enjoy the modifications made. To do this, use Create Modified APK file.

Non-root modificationsNon-root modifications

You can pause or remove the root access whenever you want from Magisk Manager. Also, each time Lucky Patcher requests root access, you will be able to set a specific time during which that access will be valid. Once the permission expires, this tool will work again without root.

Advantages of using Lucky Patcher on a rooted Android

Lucky Patcher is a very popular application and game modifier. Although some of its functions indeed require superuser privileges, this tool works perfectly well without root access. To what extent does it compensate to root a device to use this utility?

The main advantage is that many of its advanced features are enabled. If you grant root access to Lucky Patcher, you can do the following:

  • Move any application to the system partition.
  • Modify application permissions, so that they can perform new actions.
  • Having a patch menu is much more complete.
  • Use the advanced modification by hexadecimal code, ideal for those who have advanced knowledge of programming.
  • Remove applications from the system. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to clean your device from bloatware.

However, the list of functions that are available without root access is also long and perhaps sufficient for you. For example, Lucky Patcher can extract the APK installation file from any application. This way, you will have a backup copy of the software you usually use. Also, you will still have at your disposal a wide range of patches that will let you modify your favorite games.

In short, superuser permissions let you get the most out of this modification tool application. It will depend on your needs and your knowledge to what extent root access will be necessary or not. However, before making a decision, do not forget the security issues involved in granting such permissions to these types of applications.