Lucky Patcher is an unsafe application. These kinds of applications, due to their characteristics, offer no guarantee that they are respectful of your data or your device. Here are some of the reasons why we think so.

Why Lucky Patcher is not 100% safe

First of all, many of its features require superuser permissions to be granted. This means that Lucky Patcher can access all the files on your device, including those protected by the system. Making an inappropriate modification to the wrong file will turn your smartphone into a brick.

On the other hand, this tool triggers the alarms of Play Protect, a software specially developed to detect malicious code in the applications we install. This component integrated into Google services constantly scans our devices for security threats. In Malavida, we have tried some similar tools, designed to modify games, that did not trigger Play Protect. However, that is not the case with Lucky Patcher.

Finally, it cannot be downloaded from any official application store, such as Google Play, because it is often used to violate the terms and conditions of use of apps. This makes downloading it difficult and you may end up downloading a potentially harmful APK file that contains malware or spyware.

Do not forget that your smartphone knows everything about you. It stores your contacts, your notes, your documents and photos, and even your credit cards. Therefore, security is a priority for those companies that develop today's mobile operating systems, such as Google and Apple. Using this type of tool not only restricts developers from being paid for their work, but can also risk the integrity of your device, and even worse, your data.

Alternatives to Lucky Patcher

Maybe none of this will make you reconsider downloading the app. Or you may even be interested in exploring other options with this information in mind. You can investigate what are the best alternatives to Lucky Patcher on Android, but we warn you that many of the problems of this app are repeated in them as they are similar applications. In almost all cases, you will have to grant more permissions than usual, deal with security warnings from the operating system or other apps, and rely on downloading from secure sites, but at least we are here for the latter. That is the price to pay for all these tricks.