Applications of Lucky Patcher nature proliferate in the Android world. Since it is a much more modifiable and open operating system, developers can create such tools. In addition to modifying video games, Lucky Patcher has different features to help you manage your favorite apps in a more advanced way. For example, it can extract the APK installation files of any application, create backups of them, or even duplicate them to have two simultaneous accounts in the same device.

You may be thinking that in iOS, it is difficult to see such a tool. However, some applications can modify the behavior of your applications and imitate, to some degree, the functions of Lucky Patcher on an iPhone. Of course, a prerequisite for installing most of the applications you have in the following list is to apply jailbreak to your Apple device. Otherwise, these utilities can't work.


Although it does not imitate the exact functioning of Lucky Patcher, its final objective is the same: to modify certain values to eliminate the difficulty within a game. It does not work with online games and is more comparable to Game Guardian than Lucky Patcher. You must have jailbreak applied on your iPhone or iPad.


An integrated shopping emulator, a very popular feature in Lucky Patcher It is available through Cydia, and as you may have guessed, requires a jailbreak. Note that it does not work in all cases and that not all games are compatible.


With an extensive list of games, this is one of the classic applications within the world of jailbreak. iAPCrazy is especially useful because it can modify many of the games that have resisted other similar tools. It requires jailbreak and is available in the HackMyiPhone repository.

iAP Cracker

iAP Cracker is another alternative. We can consider it an extra option in case the rest of them have not worked for you. In this case, it is necessary, besides having a jailbreak, to have AppSync installed.


Breaking the dynamics of the list, AppValley is the ideal way to find modified applications with interesting additions. For example, from here, you can download the improved versions of the official Facebook or TikTok application. The most interesting thing is that it is not necessary to have a jailbreak to use it. It is installed through Safari and is fully functional. We could define it as an alternative store.

In this guide, we have made a list of Lucky Patcher equivalents available for iOS. Enjoy game modification on your iPhone or iPad