The amount of game modification tools is very high. This causes many users to have doubts about which one to use and what advantages each one brings over the rest. In this article, we talk about Lucky Patcher and Game Guardian, two of the most popular applications in this field. We tell you on what they base their operation, and for what uses they are recommended.

Lucky Patcher is much more than a simple application and game modifier. Thanks to its superuser permissions, it can perform some very interesting and practical tasks within our device. For example, it lets you duplicate some applications, such as WhatsApp, to use two accounts simultaneously. Also, you have the possibility of creating backups of the software installed on your device, obtaining an APK file that can be installed on any Android phone. And do not forget that with it, you will be able to eliminate the annoying bloatware. Of course, to these features, we must add the modification of video games to reduce the difficulty of the game, help us beat an opponent, or eliminate integrated advertising. All this is achieved with direct changes made to the application.

Game Guardian, on the other hand, has a very different operation. Thanks to the search and modification of numerical values, it can alter markers, counters, or the number of objects available in a game. For this, it is not necessary to modify the whole application but only the numerical value. Therefore, this utility leaves aside all other applications and focuses on video games. It does not have such powerful management tools as Lucky Patcher. Also, it must be run while playing, which lets you access the tricks at any time.

In short, the way the two applications work is different. Although its final purpose may seem the same, Lucky Patcher adds value to its application with powerful application management tools.