What's the meaning of Lucky Patcher's color code

One of the first things that catches our eye when opening Lucky Patcher is viewing the list of applications tagged with different colors. Each one of these colors has a different meaning as we’ll try to explain below:

  • Green: to indicate that it’s an application with a license.
  • Yellow: to indicate that it’s an application with a specific patch.
  • Blue: to indicate that it’s an application with adverts.
  • Purple: to indicate that it’s an app that’s on the device’s boot list.
  • Red: to indicate that it’s an app that can be patched or have its license removed.
  • Orange: this color is reserved for system application. As you can imagine, we’ll have to be really careful with them if we don’t want to end up fully restoring our Android because we’ve modified a critical function of our device.

As you can imagine, those labelled in green, yellow, blue, and purple can be modified if we wish. We can’t do much with those tagged in red, and we definitely don’t recommend you to mess around with the orange ones unless you really know what you’re doing with them.

As you already know, Lucky Patcher is a tool that can be used to modify Android applications by created new APKs from the app itself. Amongst these functions we can find, for instance, the possibility to remove Google’s adverts or hack Android games. As you can imagine, due to these functions, this app isn’t available on Google Play as it offers us features that we should only be able to access by means of in-app purchases.