Among the features of Lulubox is the possibility to accelerate games, thus preventing the problems of lag that can affect the gameplay. Lulubox can apply this feature in almost any game installed on our device, however, it does not always work. This is one of the features that can be universally applied to both games and apps you have installed on the device.

The first thing you must do is find the game you want to accelerate in the main window of the app where the icons of all supported apps you have added appear.

List of games compatible with LuluboxList of games compatible with Lulubox

Once there, the speed boost is usually found at the bottom, in the form of a slider. Simply move it to the right to activate the function.

Speed Booster option enabledSpeed Booster option enabled

Some games may have specific patches available to accelerate their speed. In that case, you may have to download the patch first, which will be installed automatically. You will have to check in each game if there is any patch with this function, otherwise, you must use the native function of Lulubox, that as we said, can be applied to any app or game. In any case, this is a questionable function. Because the technical information provided by the developer is not enough, the performance may not be as perfect as expected. Use this feature with caution, as it may not be as useful as we expect.