How to use Lulubox and how it works

Lulubox is an easy to use patch or game modification app. When you open it, you will find a Home screen where you can see the icons of the different games that are compatible with the App. Simply scroll through the list and tap on any of the games available.

Lulubox's home screenLulubox's home screen

If you tap on any of the games, you will see a list of options. On the one hand, you have the so-called Game Tools, that are specific patches for certain functions related to that particular game. Just tap on the down arrow to download and apply the patch.

Patches available for a gamePatches available for a game

If you are not very clear about what exactly that patch does, tap on its name, a description will open with the features and enhancements it provides to the game.

Description of a patchDescription of a patch

Back in the previous game options window, at the bottom, you have some additional settings classified under Features. Some of them, like the GFX Tool and Game Shortcut, in this case, open new option menus.

GFX Tool is capable of modifying aspects of the game related to graphics and interface, letting you modify the resolution, graphics performance, FPS, anti-aliasing, styles, shadows, or use of the GPU to make the game run. Once the settings are made, tap Save at the bottom to save them.

Graphics settings optionsGraphics settings options

Game Shortcut just does that, creating a shortcut to the game on your desktop. You can do this by tapping on Add Automatically, or by dragging and dropping the visible icon in the pop-up window.

Creating a shortcutCreating a shortcut

Other options are configurable through a slider, such as Game Booster or Block Calls and Banners, both with quite descriptive names that require little explanation.

Sliding settingsSliding settings

When the download of the patches you want is completed and you have finished configuring the rest of the options, you can close the game and reopen it. If everything has worked correctly, your cheats should be available.

How to add games to Lulubox

The app comes with a few compatible games as standard, but if you want, you can add other games you have installed. At the bottom of the Home screen, you will see an icon with the + symbol and the legend Add: tap on it.

Add button to add games and appsAdd button to add games and apps

Choose the game you want from those installed. You can also add other types of non-game apps: some features of Lulubox are universal and can be used with all types of apps.

Select a new game to patchSelect a new game to patch

When you have done so, the icon of the new game or app will be available in the Lulubox Home, and you will be able to access its options. Once there, you may not find specific patches for the game you have added to the list because not all games can be modified in this way with Lulubox. What you will have available are some universal options, such as Game Booster, the creation of shortcuts, or the blocking of calls and banners.

Modifications of the new game or appModifications of the new game or app

Lulubox does not hide any other secret, it is a very simple and straightforward application when it comes to doing its job. You look for the game or add it, enter its options, download the patches, and enjoy them immediately.

However, be careful: this type of apps can cost you unwanted banning depending on the use you make of them. You have to take into account that some of the improvements that can be used by patching games are not completely legal since they involve skipping the integrated purchases offered by the developers, which are the only way they can get a benefit for the work they have done.

The patches or plugins have been developed by other users and then shared with Lulubox. In other words, the app does not modify the games by itself, but it resorts to user MODs.