Opinions about Lulubox: pros and cons

These are the reviews of Lulubox by the editors of Malavida:

Héctor Hernández

A fairly simple app with questionable functionality. I cannot recommend anything that serves to pirate content or cheat on video games, but for that matter, Lulubox will be useful for those who do not want to complicate their lives and play some of the games that have specific patches. If you are looking for this kind of app, Lucky Patcher and GameGuardian might be better alternatives, although they are also more complex, and for many functions, they require root permissions. That is a field for advanced users, or with at least, some knowledge.

Lauriane Guilloux

The main advantage of Lulubox will always be its ease of use: as its developers present their own versions of games already modified, the user can simply perform a simple installation of what they are interested in. However, it is limited to the list of available games that, although it is increasing and includes some popular titles (Candy Crush, PUBG, Clash of Clan, Free Fire, and more), it is still limited, and that is a disadvantage. Also, the modifications are not customizable. The user should consider whether to get everything done by the developers or to use other types of apps with a more complicated operation but that allow more changes to take place.

Antony Peel

Without a doubt, this is the easiest alternative to patch a mobile game and cheat, as it is much simpler than Lucky Patcher or SB Game Hacker. However, it has fewer options than these last two tools, and is more limited in terms of compatible video games, although it is true that more and more games are being incorporated. Apart from the games included by default, the options are quite limited.

Elies Guzmán

The goal is the same as in other apps: to use cheats in the games. And the advantage that I see in Lulubox is how easy it is to download and install a patch for any supported game. The downside? Well, just take a look at the list of compatible apps, which is too short. If it were compatible with more games, it would certainly be everyone's favorite.

Sergio Agudo

I have always said that this type of app generates an internal ethical conflict in me. As a player, I understand that games should set challenges that we, with our best skills, should be able to overcome (or die trying). However, despite the short list of compatible games, Lulubox is the easiest game patching application to use. Of course, if you are looking for a quick and intuitive solution to introduce cheat codes, this is the most attractive option. Keep in mind (especially if you play online) that if you are caught cheating, you might be permanent banned from the game servers. Keep that in mind.

Edgar Otero

Game modification can be useful at some points. However, the gaming experience gets affected, especially when using tools such as Lulubox to decrease the difficulty of a game. Putting this aside, it seems that Lulubox has little compatibility and is not on par with other competitors such as Lucky Patcher.