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In the game Lumber Inc you will have to run a logging, forestry and timber company where you will turn your humble sawmill into a giant enterprise

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The management of a sawmill is more complex than one might at first assume, because it is not just a matter of felling trees with nothing else to do. If you want to ensure the viability of your business, it is very important that you manage your forest, replanting trees to ensure the timber of the future. And you can do all this as a timber industry tycoon in Lumber Inc.

A logging tycoon game

This is an idle-style game in which we take charge of a sawmill with the aim of making it grow and gaining a greater volume of business. To achieve this, we will have no choice but to direct part of the resources to invest in workers, machinery and facilities, as well as to attend to the arrival of investors who want to participate in the business. There will be no aspect of the business that is left unchecked, even the work rate of some of your labourers, who are quite prone to slacking off.

The game offers all the essential elements of tycoon simulators: from hiring staff to overseeing the production process to managing the sales of all orders. Become a wood industry tycoon and expand your network of factories around the world.

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Shay O’Toole
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