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Lupo PenSuite is a collection of programmes and games that can be used from a USB unit without any installation. Download Lupo PenSuite free for PC

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If you have to swap computers very ofter due to any reason the best option you have available to have access to all your favourite applications at all times is to use portable versions, and to have access to all of them from a centralised interface nothing better than Lupo PenSuite.

All the applications from a single interface

Thanks to Lupo PenSuite any user will be able to access the best open source application from a centralised interface that you will be able to install on your hard drive or directly from a USB pendrive to take around with you anywhere you want and thus use the applications that it includes without any need to install them.

Among the applications included in Lupo PenSuite, those worth highlighting are:

  • Mozilla Firefox and Opera, two of the most important web browsers available.
  • Thunderbird Portable, the desktop mail client developed by Mozilla.
  • uTorrent, one of the best BitTorrent network clients.
  • FileZilla, the open source FTP client par excellence.
  • VLC Portable, one of the best video players.
  • Irfan View, that will allow users to view all kinds of image files.
  • GIMP Portable, the best free image editor.
  • And a full collection of office programmes.

As well as the applications, Lupo PenSuite stands out due to a factor that isn't included the vast majority of similar applications, because it also includes a selection of games so that the users can also enjoy themselves in their free time.

Download Lupo PenSuite free to have access at all times from your favourite programmes.

Requirements and additional information:
  • To install the language packages it is necessary to have an active Internet connection during the installation.
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Antony Peel
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