7.1.3 Keep your computer up to date with the help of an application like Ma-Config. Analyze the entire system looking for anything that may be out of date
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To keep all your computer's different programs and drivers always up to date, you only need a tiny application like Ma-Config, a lightweight and easy-to-use tool that analyzes your PC to check which software and hardware components are outdated.

Complete system analysis to find out-of-date elements

By downloading and running the application, you'll launch a program that analyzes your computer in depth: not only does it find outdated software to be updated like Java, Chrome or Firefox, but also hardware and its drivers.

You'll always know what drivers need to be updated.

The analysis is carried out on the cloud: in other words, just like other cloud antiviruses, this application carries out the entire verification process for Windows and other components online.

But why should I update the drivers and software of my PC?

Well, basically because you'll make sure you're running the latest stable version of whatever you've got installed: thus, all the software and hardware on your computer will run perfectly offering you a greater performance.

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Antony Peel
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