Convert the aspect of your Mac into something similar to Windows XP. Download Mac OS XP free, a skin to convert the appearance of Mac OS on your Windows XP

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Mac OS XP is a visual theme for old versions of Mac OS that offers us the possibility to give them the general aspect of Windows XP, one of the operating systems developed by Microsoft with the most success over the last decade.

  To be able to install this skin on our computer we'll need to use ShapeShifter, a simple tool that by means of a very intuitive themes manager will allow us to change the general aspect of our operating system's graphical environment, being only necessary to click a couple of times with the mouse to accomplish our objective.

  As well as the classic desktop wallpaper, this visual style will also change the color of the top bar, the icons to manage the windows, the position of the navigation icons and the shape and color of the folder icons.

  It's important to mention that this “skin” is available in three different tones: olive green, metallic and blue.

  Obviously, it doesn't manage to replace all the elements, but if you like the graphical environment used by Windows XP, you may want to install Mac OS XP on your Apple computer.
Max Rudberg
Over a year ago
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