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The performance of your Mac can be improved thanks to MacClean, an application to remove all sorts of junk files from the system and reinforce our privacy

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There are applications that we can really trust when it comes to cleaning our PC. On Mac we've got options like CCleaner or Onyx, capable of clearing all sorts of useless files from our hard drive, as well as cleaning other aspects of our hard drive. Now we can add MacClean to these options to optimize OS X.

Improve the performance with just a few clicks.

With this tool you improve the performance of your Mac in a few minutes. You can remove different sorts of junk from your system with a single click. It work on five areas of OS X:

  • Smart cleaning.
  • File management.
  • Uninstall applications.
  • Data security.
  • Unit synchronization.

More free space and more privacy

One of the major differences that we'll notice before and after using MacClean is the amount of free space available on our hard drive. The truth is that the cleaning process carried out by the program affects our cache, registry files, install traces, useless files...

In turn, using this application will help use to reinforce the privacy of our computer as it affects how we get rid of the data removed so that they can never be recovered.

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Antony Peel
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