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Prevent bombs from hitting the ground to be victorious in Mad Bomber, a clone of the classic 80's game Kaboom! that will glue you to your Linux for hours

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Mad Bomber is a very simple game for Linux users which will guarantee hours of fun. A madman tries to destroy the city by dropping bombs, and it is you who must avoid them from exploding by preventing them from touching the ground. A simple idea that is totally addictive.

The origins of Mad Bomber

If you're already a few years old, you may remember Kaboom!, a video game developed for the Atari 2600 console back in 1981. Mad Bomber is a clone of the same game, also in terms of gameplay, which is one of its greatest strengths.


  • Choose your favorite control method: keyboard or mouse.
  • Includes individual and 2 player game modes.
  • Run the game in a window or on full screen.
  • Switch between multiple desktop backgrounds.

Download Mad Bomber free for Linux and recall one of the most addictive, classic games of the 80s'.

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