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Mageia is a Mandriva fork that allows us to choose several desktop environments and offers access to a wide range of software through its three repositories

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In 2010, former developers of the Mandriva Linux distro decided to develop by themselves an open source version based on the same core. This decision led to Mageia, a distro that allows the user to choose several desktop environments (KDE, GNOME and Cinnamon among others) and comes along equipped with a well-stocked software pack with everything necessary to manage the operating system and carry out all sorts of tasks, as well as simplifying its management process.

A Mandriva fork also optimized for 64-bit processors.

Main programs included in Mageia

  • Browsers: Firefox, Chromium and Epiphany.
  • Email clients: Thunderbird, Evolution and Kmail.
  • Office suites: LibreOffice and Calligra.
  • Instant messaging clients: Pidgin and Empathy.
  • Tool to create virtual machines: VirtualBox.
  • Wine to emulate Windows.
  • Photo editor: GIMP.

Three types of online repositories

The user can make use of the Core, NonFree and Tainted repositories, each one offering software depending on their license: open source software packs, free software, but with proprietary license and software that may infringe patents and copyrights in certain countries, respectively. It's also worth mentioning that Mageia has a 64-bit version, for those users who want to take advantage of the most powerful processors while they make the most of a fully open source Mandriva fork.

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