Magentic is a wallpaper and screensaver manager that uses the database from the Magentic website, download this app now free of charge to customize your PC

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There are services on the Internet that provide wallpapers and screensavers for your computer, something that allows you to customize them. Magentic is one of them, and has its own utility to download them with greater ease.

  In Magentic you have several categories from which you can select your favorite images. The offer is very big, thus you should have any problems trying to find something that you like.

  You will be able to select the wallpapers and screensavers included in the application or download other new ones from the products website. And if you don't find this good enough you will always be able to import your own images and photos to use them with these purposes.

  You will have several configuration options, like the possibility to specify the amount of minutes that you'll have to wait for the screensaver to activate or the time that has to go by before the application changes your desktop wallpaper automatically.

  Give your computer a new appearance by modifying the wallpaper and screensaver with Magentic. Download new contents from the Internet with this totally free application.
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