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Magic Boss Key will allow you to hide the programs and windows that you don't want the rest to see. Magic Boss Key will hide everything that you select

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When you use the computer to work or for personal reasons, it is possible it may happen that you may want to hide what is on the screen from somebody else, be it your boss or a family member that you are preparing a surprise for.

To be able to hide this contents that you don't want to be visible you can resort to Magic Boss Key, that by means of simple command will hide all the programs and folders when you indicate it to. As well as being able to hide the active programs and folders, Magic Boss Key allows the possibility to hide both the desktop icons as well as the taskbar.

Hide your active windows on Windows

Being able to hide the programs is very easy, because you can choose between doing so with the 'F12' key or by pressing both mouse buttons at the same time. And the programs can be made visible again by means of the same command.

Therefore, if you want to have some more privacy, and to make sure that nobody will see the contents that you don't want to be seen without your permission, download and install Magic Boss Key.

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Scott McLure
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