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Magic Box for Android devices is a tool to create backups of all the data contained on your mobile device, being able to schedule them automatically

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To avoid mishaps and problems with the data you've stored on your Android device (messages, photos, contacts...) there are different applications to make backups. One of them is this Magic Box, a tool to create backups that allows us to easily save, store, and subsequently restore data on other devices.

Configure, schedule, and automate your backups

With this app, you've simply got to configure the backups, schedule them once, and they'll be carried out automatically according to the instructions provided. It works by connecting to a local server so that the storage and backup process is always carried out at the same time.

  • Restore backups.
  • Store all your device's data.
  • Schedule backups.
  • Check your backup history.

Absolutely all your data will be protected automatically and on a regular basis.

With this application, we can forget about any kind of problem since all the files will be automatically stored: files, contacts, messages, photos, calendar events... and so on up to 3 TB of data.

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