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Magic DVD Ripper is an application designed to create backup copies of optical discs. Transform your films into another format thanks to Magic DVD Ripper

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The DVDs just like the other variants of optical discs has a small problem, as time goes by it is possible that they will end up scratched and it will no longer be possible to read them. To avoid the loss of films and documentaries which are normally distributed in this format the best idea is to use Magic DVD Ripper.

Copy your DVDs

The interface of Magic DVD Ripper is divided into two part, a top part where the user will have to indicate the origin and the destination of the information, and a lower part which has two tabs depending on the users objective:

  1. Backup: which allows to create an identical backup, even though it also includes the possibility to eliminate the contents which the user doesn't need, like audio tracks or subtitles in languages which aren't required.
  2. Convert: which allows to select the video track together with the audio and subtitles which the user wants to convert, allowing the possibility to choose the output format which is needed, offering the chance to adapt them for a smartphone or a computer, for example.

Therefore, if you want to have a tool which will allow you to create backup copies of your optical discs, you only have to download Magic DVD Ripper.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version can be used a total of 5 times.
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