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All we will need is a finger to take out our enemies in Magic Finger 3D, an arcade game in which we will control our surroundings using our magic powers

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The guys at Lucky Kat Studios offer us another of their minimalist games featuring a simple and interesting idea. After downloading the APK file, we will become wizards and will have the power to control all the objects in the setting using a magic hand. The objective? To wipe out all of our foes in the level before they attack us.

Control your surroundings with your magic finger

Magic Finger 3D is a nice arcade game in which we will be able to use all of the items around us by picking them up and throwing them using a magic hand. In short, here will have a power that is something like telekinetics.

Our mission is to take out all our enemies on the screen and to stop them from reaching us. To do so, we can throw any object in the scene at them, including our own enemies. At first, it will be very easy, but later the stick figures will begin to move around and it will get more difficult to take them all out before they are able to attack us.

Use your magic touch and everything around you to take out your enemies!

The matches are short, a lot of fun, and even addictive. In addition, this title features several different magic hands that we will be able to unlock by watching ads or investing our earnings.

Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Lucky Kat Studios
3 months ago
67 MB

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