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Magic Transfer is a tool that allows to synchronize the information of various computers. Download Magic Transfer for free and synchronize your computers

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Nowadays many people have various computers at their disposal (the laptop, the computer in the office, the home PC, the netbook,... ) and keeping all of them synchronized and with the same configuration can be very hard work if we try to do it manually.

  Due to this reason, it's highly recommendable to use an application like Magic Transfer, that will allow us to make backups of our computers so that they are all synchronized perfectly when we use them.

  The application allows us to store the Outlook and Outlook Express elements, the configuration of Internet Explorer or Firefox (favorites, bookmarks, browsing options,... ), the icons of our desktop, as well as allowing us to make a backup of the elements stored in "My Documents", so that we can take them anywhere.

  If you need to keep the information of several computers synchronized, try out Magic Transfer, one of the easiest solutions available.
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