MagicSports is a multimedia center specialized in sporting events. Download MagicSports on your PC and relive the best moments of your favorite matches

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MagicSports is the ideal software for people the follow sports like Football, Baseball, American Football or Sumo. If you have missed the latest match of your favorite team, but you have the recording, or you simply like to view the best moments of each match once again, MagicSports is the ideal multimedia center for you.

  This application allows you to classify sports videos from the four aforementioned sports. Once you have classified them, you will be able to enjoy them from a very user friendly interface that has very simple screen controls: with the possibility to use the mouse, the keyboard or even a remote control to have complete control on each video.

  Nevertheless, one of the most interesting features of MagicSports is the possibility that it offers to detect the highlights of a match and create a menu that will allow you to browse through them. To do so, MagicSports searches for specific aspects in the videos. Like for example, in football, for goals or shots on goal, fouls or injuries. Thus, we will be able to enjoy just the most important moments of a match, without having to bother with publicity or less interesting moments.

  With MagicSports you will be able to enjoy once again the most important highlights of your favorite sports.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial period lasts for 30 days.
CyberLink Corp.
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53 MB

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