Magisk Manager Tips & Tricks: the best root MODs for Android

Rooting your Android device opens a world of possibilities for your smartphone or tablet. This process by means of which you can acquire admin and superuser privileges on your device will allow you to learn the ins and outs of your phone, removing restrictions, gaining in security, enabling functions that are blocked by default, making the most of your hardware, and taking the customization issue to the next level.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, despite its advantages, it also entails quite a few risks such as losing the warranty on behalf of the manufacturer, the possibility to brick our mobile device or the incompatibility of certain apps with rooted phones. To solve this last problem we can make use of Magisk Manager, a root MOD manager for Android with which we can precisely hide our status to those applications that don’t work on rooted devices, as is the case of Google Play or Pokémon GO.

But obviously using a tool of this nature isn’t easy or intuitive and that’s why we’ve drawn up this brief tutorial with the best tips and tricks to use Magisk Manager on your Android device so you’ll be able to make the most of your superuser condition without incompatibility complications regarding your favorite applications. In any case, if you’ve managed to root your phone all by yourself, you shouldn’t have too many problems when it comes to using this manager.

Having said that, in this guide of tips and tricks you’ll find all the basic information you need to learn how to use and even master Magisk Manager. The first thing we’ll do is give you the instructions necessary to install (and uninstall if you deem it appropriate) this app because, as you can imagine due to its nature, you won’t be able to download its APK from Google Play and will have to resort to alternative sites of the likes to be able to get hold of it.

We’ll also explain in detail what it is and what it’s for as many users wrongly think that it can be used to root our phone but, as we’ve already explained a few lines above, that is not so as it’s only used to manage those phones. And we’ll focus almost exclusively on telling you how it works and how to use it, explaining step by step how to bypass the safety check on behalf of SafetyNet and avoid problems with applications of the likes of Super Mario Run or Netflix due to being the superuser of our phone.

As always, we invite you to ask us about any doubt you may have regarding Magisk or how it works, leaving us a message on our social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, where we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

How to hide Android root with Magisk Manager

If for any reason, you need to hide that your Android is rooted, there are several ways to do so using Magisk Manager. Here is how you can use the Magisk Manager tool to hide from an application on your phone that you are a root user:


Is Magisk Manager safe?

Yes, Magisk Manager is a safe application; you have nothing to worry about if you use your head and some common sense. Having said that, it is not a tool that can be recommended to anyone who does not have a minimum knowledge in the field, because if you do not use it correctly, this could lead to severe problems, such as the terminal being bricked, which basically means that the device is rendered unusable forever.


How to update Magisk Manager

The easiest way to update Magisk Manager once installed is to simply open the app. If there is an updated version, a popup window will notify you as soon as you launch the app, allowing you to choose if you want to download and install the updated version then or if you would rather do it later. If you choose the latter option, you will find the notice Update Magisk Manager on the app’s main screen. You can click on it at any time to download and install the new version.


How to install Magisk Manager (and uninstall)

To be able to install the Magisk Manager app on an unrooted Android, we simply have to complete the following steps:


What is Magisk Manager and what's it for?

Magisk Manager is an Android application that can be used to manage the root permissions and other modules of the operating system. We have to bear in mind that there are applications available on Google Play that don’t work on rooted phones as they require a security or verification control, provided by the security APK delivered by Google. Amongst such applications we can find games of the likes of Pokémon GO, online movie and series streaming services such as Netflix or banking apps. The idea behind this limitation is to avoid anyone from skipping the conditions of use of these applications and guarantee the system’s safety.


How to root with Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager is not a tool to root our device but to complete the rooting process of a smartphone or tablet by adding its very own modules. Therefore, if your phone has not yet been rooted, you’ll have to carry out the entire usual process in these cases. In other words, unlock the bootloader, install a recovery and from there on, complete the rooting process with Magisk.


How to use Magisk Manager and how it works

The main function of Magisk Manager is to avoid the security verification carried out by certain applications through Google’s API, which goes by the name of Check SafetyNet and is used as follows:


February 14, 2019