Magisk Manager is a root or superuser permission manager. The purpose of this application is to grant these privileges to those applications that request it, and in this way, let them access files that are usually restricted. However, one of the strengths of Magisk Manager is its additional functions.

One of these added features is the ability to hide the device status from specific applications. When the process to get superuser privileges is performed, the operating system becomes more vulnerable. That is why some applications, such as bank apps or Pokemon Go, stop working when they detect that the root access is enabled in our device. Thanks to Magisk Manager, you can "trick" them and hide the fact that the phone has been rooted. Once you do this, its operation will return to normal.

On the other hand, this popular root manager lets you customize your device to the maximum thanks to the installation of modules. With them, you will have the ability to modify some specific areas of the interface or add features that Android does not offer. It is important to remember that these modules are not officially verified and that their installation may entail risks.

In short, Magisk Manager is a valuable tool that not only completes the entire process to obtain root access on your device but also gets the most out of those privileges. Unfortunately, it is not possible to download its installer from the official application store, Google Play. Therefore, to install it in our device, it is essential to resort to an external source. If you want to have the latest version and enjoy its latest features, you can safely get it from Malavida.