MagiTime is capable of inputting the information of the date and time that a photograph was taken based on its EXIF data. Download MagiTime right now

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The majority of digital cameras use the JPG format to store the images on the memory card. This format includes EXIF data (that are related to each file), thanks to which it is possible to know which camera was used to take each photograph, as well as the date and the time at which it was taken.

  The problem arises when we want to print various photographs taken with a digital camera, because it isn't possible to view the time and the date on the print out, making it advisable to use an application like MagiTime. It is a small application that is capable of inserting, as if it was a watermark, the day and exact moment at which each photograph was taken by accessing the EXIF data of each file.

  One of the most practical functions that the program includes is the option to process all the images that we want at the same time, allowing us to edit the position, the font and the size of the date and time that will be added to each image.

  You no longer will have to print a photograph without knowing the time and date it was taken, thanks to MagiTime.
Requirements and additional information:
The application only works with JPG images that contain EXIF data. The evaluation version can only be used for 14 days.
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