With MailTrack you will get to know the status of the emails you send and the location of the recipient. MailTrack runs as an add-on for Google Chrome

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How to know if you the email you sent has been received and opened? The solution is called MailTrack, an add-on for Google Chrome that allows you to know if your emails have been read, from where and on which device.

Check if your emails have been received

With this program you'll obtain two types of information. On the one hand, you will know if the emails you have sent from Gmail have been opened with the subsequent conclusions that can be drawn from this information, such as knowing if your CV for a job application has been received or avoiding long waits for a reply. On the other, you can prevent being cheated about the reception of your email or the location of the recipient. All the latter, with a very easy-to-install application and guaranteeing your privacy 100%.

MailTrack incorporates double check to your emails.


  • Easy-to-install Google Chrome extension.
  • Check if your email has ben opened.
  • Find out the location of the recipient.
  • Double check system.

MailTrack is similar to WhatsApp

It incorporates double check just like WhatsApp. And we're using the word 'similar' because in the case of the messaging app, a double check means that the message has been sent successfully, but not that it has been opened. But a double check tells us that the message has really been opened. To make use of this function, we only have to go to the sent mail folder and carry out the verification process.

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