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Block the arrival of SPAM to your email with Mailwasher. Clean your inbound tray of unwanted emails by downloading Mailwasher totally free of charge

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SPAM or "unwanted mail" is one of the biggest problems of the computing world, and normally, if we look at the quantity of mails automatically marked as SPAM that we receive, they will be a lot higher than those do want. The problem isn't really due to the fact of receiving them, it is really due to the fact that we have to eliminate then because they occupy space and size, so the best thing to do is to use an application like Mailwasher.

  This brilliant application connects to our email account before we download the messages to the client, in a way that it checks the emails to find those that are SPAM and marks them as such. When it has everything marked it shows them, so that the user can confirm that it has detected them correctly.

  Mailwasher marks the emails according to its own filter, it accepts some directly, it marks other as "probably good", in others it leaves the decision to the user, and last of all there are those that it marks directly as SPAM.

  So if you want to protect yourself against SPAM, nothing better than opening Mailwasher before downloading all the mail, this way you will avoid your email client downloading mail for nothing.
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