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MakeAGif is a webapp that you can use to create GIF animations. Upload your own photos or videos, or use contents from YouTube to create your GIFs

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GIF animations conquered the Internet some time ago. Ever since they integrated into social networks such as Facebook or Twitter and apps of the likes of WhatsApp, they've become yet another way of communicating, much more expressive than anything we're capable of writing or saying through emojis and stickers.

Just what you need to break the Internet.

If you want to know how to create GIF animations, the answer is simple: just access MakeAGif, the webapp to which you can upload your own videos and images to turn them into an animation or flick through those created by other users.

Main features

This GIF maker allows us to create animations in a jiffy and explore those made by other users. It comes along with the following functions:

  • Create animations based on your own images.
  • Create animations from a YouTube URL.
  • Upload your own videos to create animated GIFs.
  • Record yourself with your webcam to create them.
  • Share your creations with the user community.
  • Built-in search engine.

Browse through contents shared online by category or popularity, and download whichever ones you want to use to your Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Android smartphone or iPhone.

Should or shouldn't I register?

This service offers you the possibility to register as a user and although you can use it without signing up, paying a monthly subscription will offer you better features, such as longer animations or greater image quality, among other improvements.

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