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Mamba dating - adult chat for single people is a dating app to find your significant other. Sign up and start searching for true love or whatever you want

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There are very few things that can't be done from our phones at present. We can buy whatever we want, use interactive maps, download catalogs, read books, and workout... so why weren't we going to be able to use our mobile devices to meet new people? And when we say meet new people we obviously mean going on a date because those traditional methods to get to know people are outdated. Now, the in-thing is to see the photo of somebody and accept or reject that person according to his or her physical attributes. Who said romanticism was dead?

Find the love of your life or make new friends.

How it works

Mamba dating - adult chat for single people is an app developed by Wamba for Android that allows you to meet new people with romantic intentions. It doesn't have a website so it works entirely through the application. To be able to use the service, the first thing you have to do is sign up using a previously verified social network account on any of the following services:

  • Facebook.
  • VK.
  • Google+.
  • Yandex.

Once you've confirmed your profile and met the requirements, you're free to access the app and find your ideal partner. The system is the usual one: swipe photos left if you're not interested or right if you're keen on the person in the picture. You can get in touch with that person if he or she also likes you, although you'll soon find out that many of the options require a payment (such as improving your profile to make it more visible).

A fast, simple, and free way of meeting new people.

But one of the best things about this application is that you can fine-tune your searches according to what you wish to find in the other person, whether in terms of age, sex, location, civil status, marital status, type, habits, home... and financial income. Because there's nothing more romantic than a wallet loaded with money. Forget about flirting if you don't live in a luxury mansion. It might sound creepy but every time somebody accesses your profile you'll receive a notification about your possible stalkers.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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