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Man or Vampire is a beautiful and dark RPG for smartphone devices in which we must save our paradise from the vampires that threaten to devastate it

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The Hidea studio takes us to the depths of Heaven to dive into a battle between humans and vampires. Our mission? To become the king (or queen) of the underworld.

Save paradise from destruction

Man or Vampire is one of those mobile games that you fall in love with from the first moment. It is an excellent TRPG or tactical role-playing game in which we control a character that is unique in its kind, since it is human and vampire at the same time.

Paradise: a mysterious world where the souls of dead humans live.

Before starting our adventure we can choose between a male or female protagonist (after a fun script twist). The game mechanics consist of going through various scenarios and dungeons divided into grids full of items and enemies.

To move, you just need to touch the screen where you want your character to go. The action takes place in real time, but the battles are turn-based and tactical. This means that we'll have to place each character in a certain square to perform an action, whether it's attacking, using a class skill or healing.

But we won't be alone in our epic mission. We'll be able to recruit a select group of heroes through a unique system. Each will have a different profession, which will have an impact on our combat strategy. There are about 50 characters that we'll be able to recruit, and each of them has a fantastic design.

Finally, the technical aspect is a marvel, offering minimalist 3D graphics and a fairly fitting soundtrack. It's a pleasure to find games like these in the Android catalog.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.2.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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