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When it comes to working with a computer there are various tasks that may make us lose our concentration, this can range from open programs to emails that you receive in your in-tray. If you want to know what you time has been spent on, ManicTime will help you to measure it.

Optimizing a timetable is a complicated task, because on many occasions controlling the time that we take to carry out certain tasks is difficult, that is why with ManicTime we will be able to know exactly what things we need more time for and which distract us the most without having any use.

Improve your productivity

With a rather eye-catching interface, ManicTime shows us when we start and finish a specific task, as well as being able to check exactly what we were doing. The use of tags or keywords to classify the tasks will help us to organize everything properly, so that we can later see the charts and statistics that the program can generate to be able to control what has been done.

All the data compiled by ManicTime is completely private, with no possibility to share it, something that is especially important in professional environments. What the software does allow us is to create backups of its database so no information is lost if there is any problem with the computer.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a 15-day trial version.

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