Manolito is a singular application to download and share music with other Internet users. Download Manolito for free and discover the MP2P technology used

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Manolito is an application that is different from those that we have known to the date to share files. This is because it uses a technology that receives the name of MP2P from its developer, Pablo Soto.

  Unlike other P2P applications that use the TCP/IP protocol (orientated towards connections), Manolito uses the UDP protocol, usually used in streaming technology, to transfer the packages, since it's a protocol that can send datagrams without prior connection. The advantage is a greater transfer speed and the anonymity of the transmitter.

  This program uses its own exchange network to share MP3 files and other audio formats. It stands out for its innovating interface, and by providing us with interesting tools like the possibility to play an audio file before downloading it, so that we'll be able to know if it has the desired quality.

  Manolito is a file exchange program that has been specifically developed to share music.
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