MarBall Odyssey


Dodge all the obstacles with your ball in MarBall Odyssey, an entertaining skill and logic game. Download MarBall Odyssey and exercise your agility.

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MarBall Odyssey is an entertaining game that will require that you exercise your mind as well as providing you a fun time. The objective of the game is to guide the ball to the preestablished point on each level, which won't be at all easy as soon as all kinds of obstacles and impediments get in your way. And hurry up: there is a preestablished time limit for each screen.

All sorts of dangers

There are dangers of all kinds. Your ball may encounter slopes, walls, stones, end up in a dead end or directly fall into nothingness. It will be you with your skill who will have to reach the finish line of each level.

Great music created by Guy Shavitt.


  • Complete new screens to unblock all the levels.
  • Manage to reach the finishing line before the time runs out while gathering as many rings as possible.
  • Collect money and earn extra life.
  • 3 islands full of levels.
  • Your skill and accuracy are the key to success!

Full exercise

It is important to be quick and agile with your fingers to handle the ball and control its inertia. Be careful as you move towards your objective and pay attention to each screen to anticipate any danger you may encounter.

Download MarBall Odyssey and have a good time exercising your fingers, and what's more important, your brain.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The demo version only allows you to play one of the three islands.
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