Marbles is a video game in which you have to join matching pieces that to make them disappear. Download Marbles and reach the last level joining pieces

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After Tetris appeared, many games that have been launched have maintained a game system that is similar, in which the most important feature is to eliminate all kinds of blocks or pieces, with the objective of surviving level after level.

  Marbles is a puzzle in which we have to eliminate balls of the same color (joining three at a time), with the objective of gaining time (a fundamental element to survive in this game). As we advance in the game, new kinds of balls will appear, thanks to which we will be able to eliminate full lines or gain extra time.

  With regard to the graphics, even though it has a very simple design, it is very colorful, fact which children will find highly appealing.

  If you like puzzle games like Tetris, Columns or Puzzle Bubble, you should try out Marbles, because it mixes some elements of the aforementioned titles, and it allows us to exercise our brain while we have a good time.
Requirements and additional information:
This download only works with Windows XP or previous systems.
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