By downloading MariaDB for free you will have a powerful and secure alternative to MySQL. MariaDB is GPL and is backed by a great community of users

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Although MySQL is one of the most popular relational database management systems (RDBMS), it is also a fact that there are other interesting developments. This is the case of MariaDB, a MySQL fork implemented by the community.

An improved version of MySQL.

Why should I use MariaDB?

The purchase of MySQL on behalf of Oracle has led many users to consider that the project may be entering a downward spiral. And MariaDB offers very appealing features:

  • SQL server with GPL license.
  • Robust, secure and scalable.
  • Faster with complex loads.
  • Inclusion of more storage engines: together with the standard storage mechanisms (MyISAM, BLACKHOLE, CSV, MEMORY and ARCHIVE) others are included such as two new ones like XtraDB that replaces InnoDB and FederatedX that replaces Federated.
  • Integration of complete testing tools.
  • Compatible with MySQL.

Download MariaDB for free and check out for yourself the advantages of this RDBMS.

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