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Establish and program all kinds of tasks and actions on your PC by downloading Marxio Timer free. Turn off or block the PC, play sounds, take captures...

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Marxio Timer is a tool that allows you to schedule many actions on our PC. Thus, we can establish a time at which we want the computer to turn off, the session to end or both of them to reboot. We can also make a message appear, a sound to activate or an application to be launched. Other actions that can be scheduled are the PC to be blocked, screen captures, a chronometer or deactivate the screensaver.

Calculate the time you spend on each project

The best thing about Marxio Timer is that despite its simplicity it is more complex than a simple alert system. It doesn't only allow you to establish a time to perform the selected action, we can also configure it to do so after a specific amount of time has passed or other parameters like inactive time, repeat after a certain amount of time, in function to the use of the CPU or when a program finishes.

We can store the selections to recover them at any moment. To avoid the actions of intruders, we can make the program only accessible by the use of a password. Marxio Timer offers us plenty of possibilities. If we use a program on a regular basis we can make the computer to turn off when we close it. We can also program it so that a message warns us when we are using the CPU excessively, or directly open the Task Manager each time that this happens.

The program is free, even though its developers do accept donations. An original tool that can become essential if we start using it.

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