Mass Effect 2

Download Mass Effect 2 and enjoy the sequel of this exciting role playing game full of battles between the human race and alien creatures on your computer

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Commander Shepard was assassinated by the Collectors, an alien species, in an ambush against his spaceship two years ago, but now thanks to the Lazarus project they have returned him to life, so that he can continue his mission. That is exactly where Mass Effect 2 starts, a game that keeps developing the universe that was created for its predecessor, improves the game mechanics and becomes the game that it really merited to be.

  Now the combats are a lot more intense and everything can be controlled with greater ease, from the weapons to the reaction time and covering group mates. And all of this with the intention that you and all you group can finish the mission properly.

  As with the last episode, making the proper decision will be really important and will really influence the game plot we play, because depending on our actions our mission objectives may be completed or not.

  Mass Effect 2 is a sequel worthy of its predecessor, and this can be noticed due to the evolution of its playability and due to the possibility to load the game saved at the end of the first Mass Effect game to be able to continue to define our character and his relations wherever we left off.
Requirements and additional information:
The demo allows you to try the beginning of the second episode of the game, and allows the players to get used to the game mechanics.
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