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Learning can be entertaining when you have the right tools. The educational app Math Land encourages children to study mathematics while having fun

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The Didactoons studio has traveled to some remote islands to offer us a pirate adventure in which we will need to use our mathematical knowledge to keep moving forward. So, we'll have to add, subtract and multiply while fighting an evil pirate.

Reinforce your mathematical knowledge with addition, subtraction, negative numbers and much more

The pirate Max of Math Land has stolen the sacred gems and has cast a spell over the islands, filling them with traps and obstacles. Our job will be to help pirate Ray find the gems and restore the natural order of the world.

To do this, we will have to travel in our pirate ship from one island to another. There are 25 levels where we will have to look for the stolen gems. But to do this we have to deal with cannonballs, cliffs, carnivorous plants, magic doors, quicksand, puzzles and other dangers.

Children will learn math while enjoying an action-packed adventure and educational math games.

To travel to an island we will need a certain number of spyglasses. To get them we have to solve the calculations proposed by a wise old man who missed class the day they got taught how to add.

The game is designed for children from 6 to 12 years old (or more), so the difficulty is not too high. We will have a limited time to solve all the problems we can. The more answers we get right, the more prizes we get.

We will have to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, order numbers... Come on, the little ones will have a great time with this fun adventure and platform game while they reinforce their knowledge of mathematics and develop agility for mental calculations.

On the other hand, the protagonist's movement could be a little more fluid, but the overall experience is very cool. And we only have to download the APK file to join the adventure.

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Laura Stutt
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