Maximize the use of your screen. MaxTo can create different workspaces on your screen organizing your software efficiently. Download MaxTo for free now

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MaxTo is an application that allows you to apply a better organization to the programs open on your screen. How it works is rather simple, you will be able to generate boxes all over your desktop that will become “maximized areas”. Thus, you can maximize any application in these zones without any problems.

  The precision of MaxTo is near enough to the pixel, in such a way that there are no areas of the desktop that are unused, what's more it allows us to apply a blur layer to the windows that aren't active so as to make it easier to focus on what you're doing. Furthermore, it allows us to create user profiles, because it's very probable that you'll want to have different distributions depending on the use that you're going to make of the computer.

  With MaxTo it's possible to use various screens, it adapts to their sizes and resolutions to be able to create as many spaces as you may need. It's very easy to use: the windows will simply maximize in their own space.

  Thanks to programs like MaxTo you can make the most of any screen, but specially screens that are starting to reach very big sizes, which aren't always fully used.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Libraries. The trial version has certain limitations.
Vegard Andreas Larsen
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