McAfee Site Advisor Firefox

Download McAfee Site Advisor Firefox and you will be able to know if the websites that you visit are dangerous or may contain viruses before accessing them

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McAfee Site Advisor Firefox is an add-on for the Mozilla browser that will allow us to know if a website is dangerous or not. For this purpose it will provide us with a toolbar with a search box, new buttons that will indicate if a site is secure or not and some additional prevention options.

  It goes without saying that McAfee Site Advisor Firefox isn't an antivirus, this software simply finds out if a website is secure. For this purpose, McAfee already has a mechanism to check each web, so all the McAfee Site Advisor Firefox really does is “call home” to be told if the domain that we are browsing is trustworthy.

  Thanks to McAfee Site Advisor Firefox we will know what sites are phishing, identity thieves or normally contain viruses, furthermore, we will be able to anticipate any problem thanks to the fact that the plug-in itself will indicate if a link is secure or not in the browser search results by means of an icon.

  Thus, if you want to be sure that you are browsing the appropriate websites and that nothing will jeopardize the integrity of your data, McAfee Site Advisor Firefox should be installed on your version of Firefox.
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