MDAC 2.6 SP2

Service Pack 2

Update your Microsoft Data Access Components with MDAC 2.6 SP2. Download MDAC 2.6 SP2 free on your computer, the second pack of updates for this software

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Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) is a pack of components by Microsoft that allows programmers to develop applications with access to different databases, regardless of whether their structure is relational or not.

  Its objective is to grant universal access to data, making it an essential tool nowadays for those that want to program modern and versatile applications.

  The download that we offer you is MDAC 2.6 SP2, the second Service Pack of version 2.6.

  It was originally developed with SQL Server 2000 SP2, even though we can currently download it independently.

  The update includes general and specific improvements to some of the tools that are part of the pack.

  It also adds some important fixes for several security errors, making the SP2 update essential to anyone that still uses this version of MDAC.

  You have to take into account that it isn't the latest version of MDAC, and that you can download more updated versions.
Requirements and additional information:
It's necessary to have Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2. What's more, Windows 95 needs the Y2K update, Windows 98 needs the Y2K Update 2 and Windows NT 4.0, Service Pack 5 or later
Over a year ago
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