1.7.2 mDesktop will allow you to work with up to a maximum of ten desktops at the same time. Maximize your productivity with the virtual desktops of mDesktop
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When it comes to working with a computer you can find yourself in a situation in which you have too much information on a single screen, something that will have a negative effect on productivity in the long run. To be able to avoid this kind of problem without having to buy a second screen you can use mDesktop.

Multiply the desktops available

The basic idea of mDesktop is to offer the user more workspace by creating virtual desktops based on the main desktop, with the possibility to have different information visible on each one of them.

mDesktop stands out due to the fact that it activates a number of desktops that varies between 2 and 10, with the user having the possibility to change the name of each desktop so as to be able to identify their use more clearly.

Moving from one mDesktop desktop to another is very simple, because by using a simple keyboard shortcut it will be possible to jump from one desktop to another or simply move to the next or previous one.

Another of the noteworthy options of mDesktop is the possibility to have an unlimited amount of windows open on all the desktops.

Download mDesktop for free to maximize your productivity by taking advantage of the virtual desktops it offers you to work on.

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