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Take you MDI files and view them as well as converting them once you download MDI2PDF Converter free. Avoid compatibility problems with MDI2PDF Converter

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The MDI (Microsoft Document Image) files were developed to work with the Office 2003 office suite, but it was rather difficult to share these files with other users if they didn't have the office suite by Microsoft installed on their computer.

  MDI2PDF Converter, previously known as MDI Viewer, is a tool that will help us view this kind of documents, as well as allowing us to print them or convert them to an array of other formats (PDF, TIFF, JPEG and BMP), in such a way that it will be a lot easier to share them with other colleagues on the Internet, for example.

  The program has a simple interface, similar to that of any PDF document viewer, where we'll be able to zoom in and out, rotate the image, configure the properties of the file that we want to export, adjust the size of the window and, of course, print any document.

  If you don't have Office to be able to view the MDI files that you receive, you have to try MDI2PDF Converter a really practical free application.
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