Media Keyboard 2 Media Player

Configure the multimedia keys of your keyboard once you download Media Keyboard 2 Media Player free and you will be able to use them with other players

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Usually keyboards nearly always include multimedia keys, that normally control playback (play/pause, stop and next/previous track) and volume control. They are normally keys that don't require any configuration, but due to this they have limited compatibility. They basically work with the default multimedia player, but if we use an application that isn't Windows Media Player, it is possible that we won't be able to do anything with these keys. To be able to use these keys with other applications, you can configure them with Media Keyboard 2 Media Player.

  Once Media Keyboard 2 Media Player is installed, is stays in the system tray it waits for a key to be pressed, to be see what multimedia player we are using (or which one we want to open as default). It is compatible with VLC Media Player, XMPlay, Xion, 1Byl, it even works with Winamp Classic, Zinf and Freamp.

  This application is very interesting if you have a wireless multimedia center keyboard, but you can't get the special keys to work with the aforementioned players, now with Media Keyboard 2 Media Player we won't have to use the mouse when we need one of these actions.
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