Download MediaPlayerConnectivity totally free of charge, an add-on for Firefox to play videos hosted on webpages with your favorite multimedia player

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Video players on webpages don't have the same possibilities as desktop players. However, you have to put up with them if you don't want to download the videos. That's how things worked until MediaPlayerConnectivity arrived, an add-on for the Mozilla browser that allows you to play videos embedded on webs on your desktop with the multimedia player of your choice.

Launch videos embedded on a web with an external application.

No longer will you be obliged to watch the videos on the page that hosts them. Choose whichever preset player you want and make the most of its native features. As well as videos, the MediaPlayerConnectivity add-on allows you to do exactly the same with audio files or Flash animations.

Features of MediaPlayerConnectivity

  • Compatible with RealMedia, QuickTime, Windows Media, Flash...
  • Automatically detects the players installed on the system.
  • Configure different players depending on the video format.
  • Compatible with RAM, RPM, WMV, WM, WMA, ASX, ASF...
  • Create lists of web pages where you don't have to use MediaPlayerConnectivity.

Take into account that downloading and installing MediaPlayerConnectivity doesn't mean that you don't need to have the multimedia codecs necessary to play videos.

Download MediaPlayerConnectivity for free to watch videos on webpages with your favorite player.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Firefox.
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