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Mega Ball for Android is a simple game based on ping-pong or table tennis. In Mega Ball we'll have to try to return the ball to score and be rewarded

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Pong is one of the most important videogames in history, as it was the first to be commercialized massively. It dates back from 1972, and it had a very simple approach: it emulated a game of ping-pong on a 2D table, and you lost when you couldn't return the ball. Well, more than 40 years later, this formula still seems to be successful, as proven by Mega Ball.

Pong's formula is still valid forty years later, with a few changes.

In Mega Ball Tennis Ping-pong for Android the gameplay is identical to table tennis, being able to play against the CPU or any of our friends. However, the player that scores is not only rewarded with extra points, but also with speed boosters when it comes to moving around. But to compensate, the rival's paddle will increase in size. It wasn't going to be that easy, was it?

Features of Mega Ball

  • Four unlockable themes.
  • Campaign and Arcade game modes.
  • Possibility to play against the CPU or real opponents.
  • Reward system when we score.
  • Several difficulty levels.
  • Possibility to configure if the walls play or not.

Download Mega Ball free for Android and have fun with one of those games that never go out of style.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.
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